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Teach your child important life skills in a fun, comfortable environment. The classes offered at Dance Unleashed will not only build your child's coordination and agility, but also improve self-confidence, give kids more energy, and promote better grades in school. Let your child work in a team environment while also having fun.

Amazing benefits of dance class

Dance classes designed for each specific age

Combined subject dance classes are best for children since a child's attention span is very short. Changing the subject every 15 - 30 minutes holds a child's interest longer and keeps them ready for more. Listed below are the suggested dance combinations per age. Students will be able to take all of their dance subjects in one day, providing more advanced dance education and saving parents commute time.


Ages 3 - 5: Ballet, tap, and jazz

Ages 6 - 8: Ballet, tap, hip hop, and jazz

Ages 9+: Dance lessons extend to 45-minute to 1-hour time slots per dance subject


Our goal at Dance Unleashed is for your child to feel safe and comfortable, which will allow them to feel more comfortable challenging themselves and improving their skills. Building your child's self-esteem is our number one priority. It's a teacher's job to encourage each student to do their best. With open communication between the student and the teacher, the student will gain confidence and try more new things. Our focus is providing your child with a safe space to learn and grow.

Choose a dance class that is best suited for your child. We have something for everyone!

Dance style details

Preschool dance classes: Shooting star (2 - 3 yrs. old), Rising star (3 - 4 yrs. old)

Level 1 - Pink: 5 - 7 yrs. old. Basic dance steps, beginner class.

Level 2 - Blue: 8 - 10 yrs. old. Beginner / intermediate class. This class builds on the steps and moves learned in level 1, and will work toward more advanced movement.

Level 3: 11 - 15 yrs. old. Intermediate / advanced class. This class will build on the skills learned in levels 1 and 2 and will move on to more advanced steps.


Note: All levels are generalized by age - students may be placed in a higher or lower class, depending on their dance skill. If you're interested in dance competitions, learn more here.

Jazz class

Beginner to advanced instruction for jazz movements like flexibility, isolations, turns, leaps, and contemporary combinations. High-energy class for dancers who love to move as much as possible!

What to wear: Black booty shorts, tights, black leotard, foot undies, or tan paws


Hip hop class

Rhythmic and energetic movements. Dancing to latest hits will develop skill in hip hop movements like freezes, freestyle, and more.

What to wear: Movable top and bottom, bare feet or tennis shoes, no jeans


Ballet class

Beauty, poise, and grace are the principles of ballet. The combination of technique, coordination, and graceful movement are the foundation for all other dance styles.

What to wear: Pink tights and ballet shoes, black leotard


Lyrical class

Cross between ballet and jazz. More fluid movements, abstract lines. Learning choreography that tells an emotional story. In order to register for lyrical, students must also take a ballet class.

What to wear: Ballet wrap skirt, black shorts, black leotard, pink tights, foot undies or tan paws


Tap class

Movements are concentrated in the feet and the ankles. Tap shoes with metal tap plates are required to create the sound that is essential to tap. Developing motor skills, coordination, and rhythm that is essential for all styles of dance. A great opportunity to make a lot of noise!

What to wear: Black shorts, jazz pants, leotard, and tap shoes. Split-sole jazz tap shoes (available for purchase) are necessary for safety reasons.


Acro class

Sharpen your acrobatic skills! Beginning with forward rolls, this class improves strength and flexibility.

What to wear: Black shorts and leotard, Dance Unleashed shorts, bare feet

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  • Introduction to tap, ballet, jazz, and creative movement basics

  • Lively atmosphere

  • Props to help develop creativity

  • What to wear: Shooting stars - something easy to move in, bare feet. Rising stars - Black or pink leotard, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, tights