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Kosha Oleniacz is the proud owner of Dance Unleashed, founded in 2008. Her vision for the studio is to provide students with proper dance techniques while using tools to really allow students to create and grow. She believes the atmosphere of the studio should be one where students are learning a lot, but also having a lot of fun!


Kosha has worked with a lot of well known choreographers and dance teachers from around the world.  She has also taught at various studios at a teacher and choreographer.  She has judged dance competitions as well as taught at conventions, collages, and for professional dance companies in the US.   One of her most memerable moments was representing the USA in an international childrens dance festival.  


"Dance to me is more then just technique.  It is about movement, creativity, and family.  I wouldn't trade my dance family for the world.  We really do make memories that last a lifetime!"


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