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We hope you join us at Dance Unleashed for our 2016 - 2017 dance season! If you're interested in competing as a dancer, please contact us. We believe that all dancers are able to compete when they put in hard work and attend all the recommended classes. If you're interested in competition classes, we highly recommend you take summer classes to stay in shape and work on the techniques judges will be looking for in the competition. You'll strengthen skills in turns, flexibility, leaps, timing, ballet technique, and showmanship.

Important competition details

  • 3 - 5 costumes costing $80 - $100 each (Will be worn throughout the year. Fundraisers are available, but not required.)

  • Competitions are attended each spring, beginning the first or second weekend in March and continuing through the first weekend in May

  • Average competition cost of $40 per student (Fundraisers available)

  • Most students perform 3+ dances at competition, in jazz, tap, and contemporary / lyrical

Working up to competition level

If a student isn't ready for competition yet, they'll be placed in the class that suits their skills best. Sometimes, a student may study for a year with a particular team to prepare to join the next year's competition. This does not guarantee a spot on the competition team, but it will reinforce the structure needed to compete. Whether your student is recreational or competitive, they will receive the same encouragement and motivation. The main difference between the classes is that competition students will attend classes twice a week, so their performance level should be elevated.

Requirements for the competition team

Dance Unleashed has a history of placing well and getting great reviews from judges! We do not attend summer Nationals so that our students can have a well-deserved break. However, our competition team does perform at local benefits in the summer to give back to the community. It is possible that we will take a group, solo, or trio / duet that has received top honors at regionals onto the Nationals competition, but it is always discussed and voted on before making a decision.


Every 3 years, we plan a team and family optional performance vacation during the summer! Our last trip was to Disney - our dancers performed as guest performers on the Epcot Stage, and also got to dance down Main Street USA in Disney's Magic Kingdom Parade.

Be part of a winning team!

Our students have won many awards over the years! Give us a call and join our team today:


Show off your dance skills in competition.

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If you are interested in competition and want more information or details, please contact Kosha at 412-406-7357 or by email at danceunleashedLLC@gmail.com.